Sunday, September 4, 2022

Meet up in Warsaw!

 In order to change and improve your life you need to meet new friends!

How to join Tandem meetings in Warsaw (in English, Spanish, Polish, German, Italian):
1) visit and check the scheduled available meetings
2) Book your free ticket. No charge. Tandem is free and no profit
3) Once you have got the ticket wait for Tandem email. The email will arrive one or two days before the date of the meeting
4) Check your inbox and spam box. Click on the link in the email to see the location name and address
5) Read the how to find each other instructions in the email
6) Come to the meeting at 19.00. Coming on time at the start will help you to find other members more easily expecially for smaller language group. Congratulations you have saved 300 zl to practise your favourite language with a teacher!
What you will get: see the picture below:



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