Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Where to meet new people in Warsaw?

 At Tandem meetings for Expats in Warsaw of course!

Now on top of the blog and at the bottom you have the schedule of the meetings.

You can consult it on Eventbrite as well where you can book your ticket free of charge. Easy link to remember:

You have also the schedule on Tandem Warsaw International Community official website at

Here you have the links to the last meetings of the 2022:

Book exchange in Warsaw

2nd Dec. English Friday Expats meeting

7th Dec. Wednesday German meeting

9th Dec. Friday English Expats language exchange meeting

12th Dec. Polish language exchange meeting

16th Dec. English Friday Expats meeting in Warsaw

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Jobs for Expats in Warsaw

 Would you like to move to Warsaw in Poland? Would you like to live and work in Warsaw? Are you looking for a job in Warsaw?

Check Tandem job files at

They are updated regularly. In most of the cases Polish language is not required. Fluent English and your mother tongue for your local market is what companies are looking for. 

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Meet up in Warsaw

Expats and locals, Erasmus students and professionals, tourists and residents are going to meet at Tandem Warsaw International Community Friday meeting. Book your free ticket at

Where to meet other Expats in Warsaw

 Every week there is at least one meeting for the Expats living in Warsaw, lately most often on Friday. You can join the meetings subscribin...