Thursday, April 27, 2023

Where to have fun in Warsaw?

 At Tandem Warsaw International Community language exchange meetings of course! You will meet foreigners who moved to Warsaw and you will meet new friends among locals, Erasmus students, Expats and freelancers, digital nomads working in Warsaw. Chatting with them you will become very fast a Warsaw insider.

Tandem Warsaw International Community official website can be found at There you can find the links to all the official channels that you can follow and you can choose your favourite one: the blog, the Telegram channel, the Facebook groups.

You can check the schedule of the meetings and add the calendar to your google one at

Tandem meetings are always free of charge and no profit. You can check the already confirmed meetings (on the calendar the schedule can change if the meeting has not been confirmed on Eventbrite) and book your free ticket directly at

We will keep Eventbrite as the booking system until we will start using the one we are developing.


The next meetings after the long May weekend:

Tandem Spanish language exchange in Warsaw:

Tandem Italian language exchange in Warsaw:

 Tandem German language exchange in Warsaw

 Tandem Chinese language exchange in Warsaw:

Tandem Turkish language exchange in Warsaw:

Tandem English language exchange in Warsaw:




Planning to move, live and work in Warsaw? Then you would like to check the job files that Tandem is updating regularly for you at

Last but not least...Are you getting ready for the summer in Warsaw?

From the 7th of June, every week Tandem on the Vistula river's beach, Woodstock edition:


Plenty of new peole and fun! The more we are the funnier it is!





Friday, April 14, 2023

Tourists visiting Warsaw

Tourists visiting Warsaw can become Warsaw insiders very fast. It is enough to join Tandem Warsaw International Community language exchange meetings to meet the Expats of Warsaw and local residents. Not only you will chill out and explore off the beaten path districts of the city and venues but you will exchange precious information about the city while practising your favourite language. It might be English, Spanish, Polish, German, Italian, Chinese and many others.

You can check the official channels to keep in touch at


You can check the schedule of the events at

Participation is always free of charge and no profit. You can book your free tickets available at

You can join the Tandem Warsaw International Community Telegram channel at


Are you looking for a job in Warsaw without speaking Polish? you can check the international job ads for Warsaw and sometimes for all Poland also at


Have fun and see you soon!

Jobs in Warsaw with all foreign languages

 The best resource for an Expat in Warsaw: Tandem Job Files!