Saturday, September 25, 2021

Cost of life in Warsaw after the global deliberate mismanagement of th economy with the excuse of Covid

The resident population of Warsaw has been pretty stable in the last 10 years and it's under 2 million people. Only speculation of global investment funds justifies and increase of at least 100% in the cost per square meter when you want to buy a house which often starts from over 10.000 zl per square meter.

Anyway we want to just illustrate the current cost of food in what used to be believed the cheapest supermarket chain in Poland: Biedronka

Tuna fish: 3 cans of 345 grams 13,99 zl

Pasta 500g 2,99 zl

Italian Porchetta 100g 5,99 zl

Italian Mortadella 100g 5.99 zl

Italian Bresaola 100g  9.99zl

Yoghurt 400g 1,99 zl

Tomato sauce 700g 3,99 zl

Fish 340g 11,99 zl

Oranges 1Kg 5,99 zl

Green pies 400g 1,79 zl

Beans  240g 1,85 zl

Lemons 1Kg 9.99 zl

Water 1,5l 1,49 zl

The list will be expanded and updated.


While the cost of food looks cheap in comparison with other European capitals it has increased substantially.

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