Wednesday, October 2, 2019

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Meeting: Tandem Monday, Wednesday and Friday English meeting by TWIC

LOCATION: Caffe' Nero, ul. Inflancka 4b

TIME: 20.00-22.00



Tandem Admin: Μίρκο Βλαδρακούλοβιτς Κιρίλ

Tandem Official English language coordinator:
Μίρκο Βλαδρακούλοβιτς Κιρίλ,
Andrzej Olszak:

Coordinators are appointed by Tandem admin and cannot subdelegate their role.

Official information is published on and confirmed only on:

Reports can be sent by messenger to Tandem Admin but:

DISCLAMER: Tandem is based on volunteering and it is a no profit informal assosiaction of people who behave as regular customers on an individual base. Volunteers take no responsibilities and have no obligations toward any venues or any member and participant and only have a user relation with the venues No venues and no participants is obliged to pay anything to any volunteer to host an official Tandem meeting.

Tandem language exchange meetings are organized by Tandem Warsaw International Community (TWIC) on Facebook page at:
Tandem is the oldest language exchange meeting in Poland with over 10 years and 1500 events organized. Tandem nowdays covers almost 15 languages, all main European languages and also Asian ones.

What makes Tandem unique from other meetings is that Tandem has always been free of charge and no profit.
Main Tandem location for English language is currently Caffe Nero, ul. inflancka 4b. We meet from 20 to 23.
Check Tandem meeting languages, locations and times at Tandem Facebook page and sign up as going to receive notifications and updates:

Average hourly cost of conversation with a teacher is 50zl or more. With English language only we provide 9h per week of conversation. The only expectation the venues hosting us have is that you order something to drink or eat.

Whether you are a local or an expat living in Warsaw, and expecially if you just moved in town, Tandem will help you meeting hundreds of people and making new friends. Life will never be so busy like after discovering that in Warsaw there are Tandem meetings going on.

Old members often do not notice that most of the people they meet in other places in Warsaw they've met them before in Tandem but it is often like that. Join us! Lot of new people are eager to meet you :)

Tandem Warsaw International Community ma przyjemność zaprosić wszystkich na nasze spotkania w języku polskim. Wszystkie spotkania są bezpłatne i nie przynoszą zysku. Jak dołączyć? Przyjdź, usiądź i porozmawiaj z nami. Tandem działa tak prosto.

Tandem Warsaw International Community рада пригласить всех вас на наши встречи на польском языке. Все собрания бесплатны и не имеют прибыли. Как присоединиться? Приходите, посидите и поговорите с нами. Тандем работает так просто.

Tandem Warsaw International Community is glad to invite all of you to our Polish language exchange meetings. All meetings are free of charge and no profit. How to join? Come, sit and talk with us. Tandem works as simple as that.

TEW - Tandem evenings in Warsaw - language exchange meeting

TWIC - Tandem Warsaw International Community

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